Dear White People…

Dear White People…

Black Lives Matter

The dawn of a new era

From what I have heard, learnt and understand. The best support I can provide to my friends who don’t have as much privilege as me.

Is this;

I need to listen, learn and become “WOKE AF” about how life is for my friends.

Be aware I don’t know what it is that anyone else needs by way of support. Stop trying to provide a blanket solution, silver bullet, one size fits all panacea this is an illusion. An illusion that causes division and only benefits me and my white privilege.

I needed to listen to horrendous historical stories. Truths that I thought and have been told were all in the past. The thing that I am missing and the hardest part to hear has been these atrocities HAPPEN DAILY right now in Australia;

The tear-gassing of children in Don Dale, families being made homeless in the middle of #COVID19 by big corporations that say they help, 432 deaths in custody with not one arrest. That DAVID DUNGAY died in AUSTRALIA saying the same thing as George Floyd and you didn’t give a F&$K then???

RIGHT NOW First Nations Children are being ripped from the nurturing bosom of their mothers. Yes I mean today in Australia this is happening. Our lucky, “if you are white country” a society founded on a lie perpetuated and taught in schools recently. A society created and designed for our benefit.

This isn’t about HISTORICAL atrocities, this is about perpetuating ignorances, the language we use to negate our responsibility in this shit storm, to allow us to feel comfortable in the privilege we have.

This isn’t a tick box exercise that we can say I know about the injustices of systemic racism, this is a daily walk into the hell that people face as a result of these practices. IT HASNT FUCKING STOPPED this isn’t a destination, it is a constant daily grind that doesn’t fade away when the media cycle ends.

My job as I see it is to raise awareness about these injustices, not to bash or abuse and argue with ignorance. It is to be armed with the facts and when I am at a dinner party choc-full of white privilege and say no that is not correct and “THEY” don’t get millions in government handouts or whatever bullshit people have been fed by the mainstream media.

My job is to make up the numbers at protest standing behind my friends and allow their rage, anger and voice to be heard. Not smash shit to pieces, that is up to my friends should that be how they choose to express themselves at the injustices.

I don’t need to abuse other white people for their ignorance. I need to educate, formulate articulate arguments to the perpetual injustices I have witnessed in relation to the work I do.

Plus I need to acknowledge the significant RESILIENCE of the longest continuous culture in the world. Aware that 230 years is no match for 60,000 and our attempt at Genocide has failed. There is a rich valuable history that this country has something we should all be proud of once the current period of violence ends.

To all of my friends whose lands I will walk across in my life, I wish to say thank you. To the custodians of these lands – its elders, I value and honour your wisdom. I choose to show my respect by acknowledging the injustices, that have and still are, perpetuated upon your mob out there. I also acknowledge the strength, resilience and capacity of my First Nations people across Australia and around the world. My commitment to you is, that I will walk together with you on your journey towards freedom and self-determination.

I stand & walk beside First Nation Brothers & Sisters in their rage






Aboriginal Flag with love

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