A message of HOPE

A message of HOPE

“A Community Problem Requires a Community Solution”

Hope has been such a powerful thing for me, and I believe one of the most underestimated ingredients in the post-release prison space.

It has taken my 20 years to build my confidence and become comfortable to speak about the reality of my situation and journey openly.

What I have learnt is if I don’t want to be who I was, I need to become who I am.

 This process isn’t easy, but it is possible. 

When I speak about my time in prison, I try not to glorify it; when I tell my story of how I ended up in jail, it is as simple as this.

I made some terrible choices, as a result of becoming so desperate and done some fucked up things to myself and others.

 However, today I no longer want to be that person. 

Can you help me not be that person? Because I need help not to be that person. 

Have you ever made a mistake? Please don’t judge me at my worst support me to become my best.

Don’t get stuck in your fucking story. Telling it to random strangers who are ill-equipped to respond appropriately. 


These stories should only be shared with qualified medical professionals if you need to get help with this.


 If you’re out there thinking you need to be all hard and shit.

 The hardest fuckers I know are the guys who can share their emotions and feelings with each other. This can still scare me today.

Change is possible

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