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“When a flower doesn’t bloom, You fix the environment which it grows in, not the flower”

Alexander Den Heijer

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Reduce Recidivism

Reduce Recidivism

We are committed to Reduce Recidivism at Lloyd Criminal Consulting Co it is as a direct result of having been in prison, having written a Pre & Post-release support program that we believe we understand how to Reduce Recidivism.

Language & Its Power

The language we use and the stories we tell have great significance to all involved. They carry as sense of hope and possibility or can be associated with a sense of pessimism and low expectations, both of which can influence personal outcomes.


Limitless Options

When people are provided with opportunities to participate in society, seen as valuable, included & invited to be part of instead of segregated, stigmatised and isolated.

It is in these valuable connections that any thing becomes possible. To learn how you can help provide someone with a second change click the button below. 

Provide a second chance
Limitless Options

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